22 Apr 2011

Clouds in my coffee

Hectic days, but my blog's still breathing.

Daria's home looks so comfy.
Great inspiration for decoration at my home.

They said it would be sunny, but the clouds are filling the sky. Just want to stay in bed all day long, think about the outfits to our dance show
& browse through inspirational fashion blogs.

I think i have some good ideas in my mind.

Have a relaxed Friday!


  1. hi:)

    great post and blog here dear!

    love her style--cool pixx


  2. love this laid back edit. ive seen it before but it never gets old. i really really wanna make a wolf hat but i dont think it would be socially right.
    yeah me and b.f couldnt work out where blue lagoon was filmed,i bet it was absolutely stunning