29 Jul 2011

Funky Friday!

Erin's got a unbeatable taste!

we festival now...

20 Jul 2011

Zippora Seven

Heard she's only around 5'4 tall but takes beyond beautiful pictures.

No wonder They say she's going to be the next Kate Moss...

14 Jul 2011


I think this t-shirt is pure perfection!

Want one, want one!!

( source http://shegeeked.blogspot.com )

7 Jul 2011

Color it!

Summer's the perfect time for brave colors.
green eyeshadow + coral lips are the perfect match.

I'm definitely going to try this make up soon. pictures coming!

& I'll make a post of my favorite summer skin products. What are yours?

6 Jul 2011

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Street Style in New York City from TrendLand on Vimeo.

This is bursting inspiration! going to replay this video dozens of times.

After very first time, the studded boots caught my attention (1:22). Like it?

NYC Street style video directed by Ani Tzenkova.

3 Jul 2011

Fierce women

Can't make up my mind whose style I love the most - Alexia Chung, Kate Moss or Erin Wasson (in pictures). They've all got edge and unique attitude goin on. Who run the world? GIRLS...

You always wanted love

Natasha Poly photographed by Mario Sorrenti - this blows me away!