24 Nov 2010


So, The British Style Award candidates have been launched.

In the beginning I though Alexa Chung would be my obvious favorite, but it's going to be a tough choice. Here are some of my favorites, edgy & unique, stylish women who got their thing goin on. Boring is for the boring! ;)

To see the full list & vote, go here.

Rosie Huntington. (Side note; I LOVE the outfit in the 1st pic)

Lulu Kennedy

Georgia Jagger in such perfect & matching outfit.

Emma Watson & Daphne Guiness

Daisy Lowe

And last, but not least, spicy redhead Vivienne Westwood.


18 Nov 2010


I've been too busy for this blog lately.. but still alive ;-)

my sister's back from her trip in California. And yep, she got me loads of souveniers.. pictures coming later. Here's the Forever 21 necklace she got for me & one for herself. I think it's such a cute "sister jewellery".

I wish i could have her name on it, too.

And i still want all these:

Santa, can you hear me?