31 May 2011

Free your mind

Get inspired! ( thekillingmoonconfused.blogspot.com )

I found this style inspiring. "Surfer girl" hair perfects this look.
I'd try that black blouse with something colorful under though.

25 May 2011

Beyond Beautiful

cocoon from nirrimi hakanson on Vimeo.

Nirrimi is amazingly & utterly talened.( weliveyoung.blogspot.com )


Love the white dress and black nail polish + cat eyes. Fierce combination!

23 May 2011

We Live Young

Just found this song and can't stop listening to it.

Dreaming of a getaway to Bali and hitting those big waves with surfboard... Seriously considering my friend's invitation. We live young.

21 May 2011

"I guess I wanted to see if I could remember what it felt like"

(My Blueberry Nights)

It's been too long since I saw this..

18 May 2011

It Burns

The webscene is bursting of fashion blogs. But only few really stand out. Today I ran into one of these inspiring blogs that makes me want to see more. Could not stop until I reach the first page.

There's just something unique how she plays with differents styles & looks and creates unique looks. Very inspiring,my eyes are burning to see more.

Pictures from the heavenly place.

16 May 2011


Collage burda _retrospective from radial movenet on Vimeo.

I find this video very inspiring.

Love old fashion photography!

15 May 2011

Stuck with Chung

My inspiration folder is exploading of pictures of Alexa Chung. It seems like can't get enough of her. I think she's probably the most inspiring style icon of the moment.

Should be reading school books, and here i am, stuck with Chung.

14 May 2011

Coral Cravings

My ultimate cravings for the spring: perfect coral lipgloss & yellow nail polish.

Coral looks just perfect with green, my favorite color, so i guess i'll need a new green dress as well. ;)

Favorite style picks from Lookbook.nu:

13 May 2011

Summer Lovin

Free People May - Hawaii from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Midnight in Paris

Vicky Christina Barcelona was charming, Match Point was fantastic..Can't wait to see the new Woody Allen movie.. shot in Paris.. it can not let us down!

11 May 2011

Cruel Summer

Got the swimsuit in black (1st pic). it's so beautiful I think it deserves to be used more than as a swimsuit this summer. Love the accessories & styling in the second pic. Lets be brave with mixing & matching patterns and colors...

10 May 2011

Natalia Portman for Dior

She's ever so beautiful. And the fragrance is lovely, as heavenly gorgeus as this video.

8 May 2011

Yes, I do!

Want this see through piece of gorgeusness.


Counting sheeps

Something to call my love

Today was sunny, yet not so warm. wish i had worn her outfit. including the round shaped sunnies and the cutest bike necklace.

Love the hair.

4 May 2011

Sweet pony!

Mattel's first Barbie doll (according to style.com) already knew the hair trends.

Ponytails are the easiest way to beat a bad hair day. Do it simple, or try the edgy versio like me (last). My favorite's the 80's style redhead, of course. What's yours?

3 May 2011

Summer breeze

I want a loose, light summer dress like this. Looks so comfy, but with those heels I'd stumble. If I don't manage to find anything similar, man shirt will do.

(source http://www.hanneli.com/)

Madly in love!

If anyone knows where to get a dress similar to this, let me know!

2 May 2011

Heavenly Jewellery

If I had a fairy godmother, I'd ask for these. They would perfect a midnight dance, we all remember what happened to Cinderella's high heels...

Shop yours at www.vintang.se

1 May 2011

Inspiration Flow

Got a rush of inspiration of this picture -want to have a tattoo kind of similar to this, not the exact same one, need to take this flow a little further. But love the shape!