30 Jan 2011

inspiration aspiration

Obsessing over massive rings & jewellery.

I spotted these amazingly gorgeus red leather pants (H&M) in this inspirational blog. Hope they are new collection and coming to my stores as well. Or atleast available online.

Wildfox photography never fails. Mad hair cut in the 2nd picture.

26 Jan 2011

killer leather

That jacket is a killer.. I want it so bad + works well with girly dress.

L O O K B O O K.nu for inspiration!

23 Jan 2011

place in the sun

Some photographies i took on my holiday in Jamaica.

21 Jan 2011

sweet melodies before the dawn

Ellie Goulding is probably one of the most talented young artists. I love all her songs, even covers like Roscoe. Hope you enjoy.

20 Jan 2011

redheads have more fun

note to self: Need to get my color brightened.

"I just had the craziest dream"

THIS sure caught my attention.
Anyone seen it yet?