23 Dec 2010

endless love

Wolford never disappoints me.

3 Dec 2010

On the streets

From post officers and factory workers to skinheads, punks & other subcultures..Now they are everywhere.

I want my Dr.Martens,too!

I prefer the cherry red ones..

24 Nov 2010


So, The British Style Award candidates have been launched.

In the beginning I though Alexa Chung would be my obvious favorite, but it's going to be a tough choice. Here are some of my favorites, edgy & unique, stylish women who got their thing goin on. Boring is for the boring! ;)

To see the full list & vote, go here.

Rosie Huntington. (Side note; I LOVE the outfit in the 1st pic)

Lulu Kennedy

Georgia Jagger in such perfect & matching outfit.

Emma Watson & Daphne Guiness

Daisy Lowe

And last, but not least, spicy redhead Vivienne Westwood.


18 Nov 2010


I've been too busy for this blog lately.. but still alive ;-)

my sister's back from her trip in California. And yep, she got me loads of souveniers.. pictures coming later. Here's the Forever 21 necklace she got for me & one for herself. I think it's such a cute "sister jewellery".

I wish i could have her name on it, too.

And i still want all these:

Santa, can you hear me?

30 Oct 2010

bird obsession

I got a little swallow inked on my ankle in New York a couple years ago. Since then I've been trying to find inspiration for a new tattoo.

This is what came to my way this morning:

Perfect? For me, it is.

28 Oct 2010

burn the dance floor

some style inspiration before hitting the floor next time.

24 Oct 2010

eye seduction

Her work is just breathtaking! I could stare at her illustrations for hours...

21 Oct 2010


one word: leggins!

where can i find something like this? Gorgeus. + Matches her unique hair style.

18 Oct 2010

hair visions

With my old,longer hair this used to be my favorite hair style:

Next trying something fierce and different:

Her style is chic from head to toe anyway ;-)

16 Oct 2010

Walk a mile in my boots

But I want to hit the (dancehall reggae) dancefloor on these delicious shoes.. yummy!

15 Oct 2010

Love is on Sale!

I found almost the exact same black shirt at a flea market. After seeing this, I feel so bad I left my honey there.

Come away with me

he said
with the wind in his hair

Taste of excitement in the air.

My favorite online couple Sienna Miller & Jude Law in the movie Alfie.

13 Oct 2010

wish upon a star

Pick your favorite pieces here!

Good morning, Beauty.

This photograph has followed me since I first moved on my own apartment. It has bravely survived all the moves i have had to do, still hanging on my wall.

There's just something fascinationg and special to this editorial of Richard Burbridge's.

See rest of the editorials starring Libya Kebede (Vogue Italia August 2006).

12 Oct 2010

Birds flying high

Sun in the sky
Breeze drifting on by

Fish in the sea
River running free
Blossom on the tree
You know how i feel

Eva Mendes editorials, enjoy.