24 Jun 2010

midsummer fiesta!

I am off to midsummer celebration!

This weekend will consist of best friends, floral dresses, picnics, strawberries, good drinks, beer, summer cabin, swimming, beer, good food, good drinks, nightless nights, good music and good drinks and beer. haha.

here are some inspiring pics of random music festivals. enjoy!

peace & love & sunny days!

22 Jun 2010

Tracing Wonderland

I was being such an early bird this morning and woke up 4 hours before supposed to.

I had the time to follow a rabbit, couldn't find the rabbit hole to Wonderland though ;)

I actually saw how The early bird catches the worm (as the saying goes). Unfortunately wasn't quick enough to capture the moment with my cam.

Early mornings are my favorite. When you actually have the time to enjoy the little things in life.

morning bird

Every morning is a promise
a new start,
a chance.

There's something beautiful yet mysterical behind this fascinating picture. I find this exact picture calming and find myself staring at it constantly. Silent harmony really comes over to the viewer.

Go here for more Carl Kleiner photography.

21 Jun 2010

My Nikon D5000 needs a partner!

i need another camera.

it should be quite cheap (=drunk safe) and small and easy to carry
+ it should take pictures like this.

It might be the camera miss Moss is holding here... Holga, the toy cam. I love how pics taken with holga turn out (see the flower picture). Gorgeus.

18 Jun 2010


Alexa Chung = gorgeus hair, gorgeus style!

I'm in love.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley Nightly, beside the green green grass.. .

Captured moments of beautiful summer nights in France & Italy last summer. Every time I see these photos my heart longs back there. I remember the sound of the waves in France, and I remember the calming silence of Toscana. Such beautiful memories that mean me more than a diamong ring or two.

Talking of magical summer nights, don't we all remember this sweet song. There's something special in that track, makes me really miss warm summer nights.

I want to sit on the quayside and dip my toes in the ocean. Crystal clear sky.

I want to walk barefoot through the field on a bright summer night, listen to the perfect silence of a dawn. flowers in my hair.

I want to wear my favorite floral summer dress.

I really want to wake up on a Saturday morning with sunbeams dancing on the curtains..

17 Jun 2010

candy coated colors

Black is a safe choice that goes with anything, but the brave play with colors.

Meet the lady I love, the singer M.I.A.

The word that best describes her personality & style.. unique! She's got the attitude to carry that fierce style like no other.

Here are some inspirational pictures to make all the people who vow for black think twice.. mm, i could eat these candy coated colors!

She's just gorgeus, no matter what she wears. And she's not giving a fuck what people think. Cool lady.

Here's some old Vogue fashion photographs before i go to sleep. If there was a land over the rainbow, the residents might look somewhat like this...