8 Jul 2010

sunbeams dancing on the curtains

Yay, i finally got the sunny morning i wished for.

Okay, i have a thing for bows so this necklace (above) i got for my bday made me super happy. isn't it the cutest?

The other thing i love are braids in hair.. saw a woman with an interesting braid hair do yesterday at the city. it was like a ponytail ending in a braid. i'm going to try find a pic online, to post it here or try that style on my hair.

Meanwhile, get inspired by the lovely hair style some model was wearing in Blue Blood fashion show in Amsterdam International Fashion Week (click the picture to enlarge). Loving it!


  1. Hi there fashionista! Thanks for your nice comment (:
    And nice that you've placed the inspirational picture on your blog.. but one little tip, use the good name.. Blue Blood instead of True Blood. Very important.
    But my compliments for your blog girl!

  2. oopss,oops! :o but thanks stylizer! ;)